Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's been a busy summer

Hard to believe its the middle of August already and I have only posted once
all summer (shame on me!).

I really do have good reasons. I worked on my yard getting it into shape,
and then I have been making new treasures for the holidays.
(more about that soon).

Mom started her chemo treatment in July and that is going good if you can
call chemo a good thing. It makes her ache all over for days and completely
out of energy. Then she bounces back and has a couple weeks of feeling good
and its time for another chemo treatment. She will be done the first part
of September. We are guessing that by Christmas she will have a teeny bit
of hair back. My mom has been a real trooper through this whole thing.
Truly an inspiration to anyone going through cancer and treatment. Way to
Go Mom!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying all this nice (hot)
weather in the pacific northwest. It won't be long and we will be sitting inside
by the fire wishing for long warm days again.

Until next time....stay classy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tea Anyone? Easy to make project

Garden Tea Cup & Pot

Aren't these the cutest things ever??? I picked up
them up at Michael's for $1.99 each and then bought
plastic covered wire picks in the garden center for 99 cents.
I used a little E-6000 transparent glue and they are ready
to poke into some shrubs. You can use them as small
rain gauges, or put some bird seed in one and water in another.

Happy Gardening Friends!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pamper yourself in luxury

Here are a few samples

In need of some pampering? You can have
your own spa experience at home! Check
out the all natural bath soaps I make.

Custom orders welcome.

Heavenly Scents Soaps

Mom is home and doing great!

I forgot to up-date last week. Mom was released after only 6 days in
the hospital. She continues to get her strength back each day. She had
her post-op appointment last Friday and he says she is doing good. The
surgeon removed the one stitch where the drain tube was and that made
a world of difference as it was catching on her jammies every time she
Her voice has been a little raspy but that is improving as well. The doc
said some people have it for a few days and some it lasts longer. I think
she sounds normal now and looks just fab!
She will be seeing her oncologist (cancer doc) this week and we will
find out what the pathology found from the lobe they removed. She
has one microscopic spot left on the lymph node that may require
chemo but the surgeon said it is so tiny and not to worry about it.
Apparently there is a cancer treatment that is a shot she may be
able to get for that little spot. I hate to see her have to go through chemo.
But the oncologist is the captain of this ship and she will do what ever
he recommends.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Field of Dreams

I've been working hard in my flower beds. The
weather has been outstanding! We had a little
rain storm over night and the flowers all look
so pretty with water drops on them today.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Up-Date on Mom

The surgery went great and she is doing wonderful.
They were able to remove the lobe from the front so
her recovery is going to be much easier. woo-hoo!

She has accomplished all the requirements to be released
but she still has a drain tube attached to her so as soon as
that is taken out and her remaining lung stays inflated
she will be able to come home. She thought the tube would
be coming out today but no one ever came in and did it so
I am thinking tomorrow. I have a feeling she could be
coming home on Sunday.

Thank you again for all your well wishes and prayers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Outta Here Cancer!!

On May 26th my mom will be having surgery for her lung cancer.
They found the spot on her upper left lobe in January.
It took several
months of tests and biopsies to determine
if the cancer had spread
and if she would be strong enough
to live through the radical surgery
to remove that lobe.
She passed all her tests with flying colors.

She is really is good health (except for the cancer)
and has had no symptoms.
Then there was the issue of
her supplemental insurance they had from
my dad's retirement.
They would not cover the surgery so she had to

get a new insurance for her supplemental
(she is on medicare now).

That took almost as long as the medical
tests but she has new

insurance and is good to go.

I will be by her side along with my dad next
week at the hospital. We are
not sure how
long she will staying as they cannot tell us
which surgery
they are doing. The goal is
the small incision in the front but she is a small

woman and the space between the ribs may
not be big enough to pull the
deflated lung through.
They will start there and if it is too small they will

have to enter from the back and do a much larger
incision. We are all hoping
for the front option as
recovery is easier and quicker. After surgery she

will be cancer free. The oncologist does not think
she will require chemo
but we cannot know until
after pathology does their magic.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers these past few months.

I will post up-dates on my precious mom after her surgery.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My new eBay store

I couldn't resist the exposure that eBay offers.
Feel free to see what I have for sale.
eBay listings


My Soap Blog

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is in the air......

For us in north America the weather is finally shaping up for spring. The daffodils are
out and the birds are singing. This means most of you will be out in your gardens like
me getting everything ready, planting and cleaning up from all the winter grub that fell.

I have new planter boxes all built and filled with good soil that I will be filling up soon.
I have not decided what I want in these planter boxes so I am heading to the nursery
this week end to see what catches my eye. I prefer perennials as investment plants
but I don't want anything that will get too big. Something with pretty summer flowers
maybe? Got any suggestions?

I also have my eye on a decorative arched metal bridge for my garden but I am not sure
it would look right since I don't have any water features except my birdbath which really
doesn't count! (but the birds love it)

Here's a picture from last summer of my front yard.

I'll share more as soon as I get something done. Enjoy spring!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rain brings new beginnings & soap

So you really want to know what I've been doing all these month when I am not creating molds and casting cement? I've been making soap! Yup, it's the truth. It only seemed natural since I love bath products. What fun I have been having. And like many of you I get to buy some awesome molds (since I do not make soap molds). I wait patiently for the mail lady in hopes of something new each week. I currently have my soaps for sale in a local massage clinic and hair salon. Soon I will offer them for sale on my own website but for now if you would like to see or purchase any they are available through Etsy Heavenly Scents Soaps and soon online at my website, and visit on my newest blog Heavenly Scents Soaps where you can just keep up with my "other personality".'s a tease to my soaps. They are made from All Natural ingredients, natural essential oils or natural fragrance oils. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old Friends get to meet up once again

This is one of my oldest friends Shawna. We met in junior high and have
kept in contact since those early days. Many many years went by without
getting to see each other. I move away and she stayed in the same town in
southern California. We always stayed in contact via snail mail and about ten
years ago we connected again through email. I went to California in 2001
and got to see her and meet her children....all five of them! She has a beautiful
family and a wonderful husband Joe. You wanna talk busy! I don't know how
she does everything she does. She is a special education teacher and heading
back to school to become a school principle. Way to go girl!

She was in the area over spring break visiting her granny and we
got to all go out for a nice dinner. Even though it was a short visit
it is one that I will cherish for ever. Life long friends truly are a gift.

I sure hope three years don't go by again before we get a chance
to see each other again, but if it that long we will just pick up where we left off.
Hugs to Shawna & Joe. XOXOXO

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Afternoon with Florence

Pretty display

Florence mixing.....

Easter Soaps

Jan and Odie

My buddy Florenc
e (Essence of the Past) came
over yesterday and we couldn't resist the urge
to make some soaps and bath fizzies. We had
seen where Kay (The Rustic Cottage) had made
some 3D type soaps and since my expertise is in
mold making I showed Florence the little bird
molds I was selling through my website. Well,
Florence had to have those molds so we made a
set. They came out quite nice if I say so myself.

As for our bath fizzies....well those were not
as successful. Apparently you aren't suppose to
make those in high humidity. And it was raining
here in the pacific northwest. We had a great
rhythm going and making mess so you can imagine
the fun, giggles and oohs and awes . We turned
over the molds and they gently fell out. Beautiful!
We were so proud of ourselves that we decided to
whip up another batch. Batch number two is now
in the molds and we look over at batch number one
and are horrified!!! They had grown warts! It was
so sad and disappointing. But they still smelled
wonderful and will be fine for our personal use.

I will share a couple pictures of yesterday LESS the
fizzies of course. We were on an Easter Theme so
we made pretty eggs and the wittle bird & duck.

Florence got a cute photo of me with my old dog Odie
that I have to share as he is such a gentle soul and has
been through so many health issues last year.

Until next time.......

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Beautiful Soaps

Shae Butter soap ~ Essential Oil: Bergamont

Shae Butter soap ~ Essential Oil: Bergamont & Lavender

Shae Butter soap ~ Essential Oil: Bergamont & Lavender

I have been having way too much should be illegal!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break Project Great for the Kids

Here's a fun idea to keep the kids busy for at least
one afternoon. Make a Tic-Tac-Toe game from
plaster or cement. You will want to make these
a couple days in advance of Spring Break so they
are dry enough to begin painting.

This mold set is available for sale. To purchase
click Americana Theme Game Mold Set.

Fun and easy to make at home. Your kids
and neighbor kids will be thrilled. Plan an
afternoon paint party.

Just set up a table covered with butcher paper or an old table cloth. Get out the acrylic paints and brushes and the fun is about to begin!

This mold set is available for sale. To purchase
click Paw Print Dog Cat Tic Tac Toe Game Mold Set

This photo shows the board cast in cement using a liquid black pigment and the paws were left natural.

Lots of color combinations. Make extra sets and sell at your local animal shelter fund raisers.

Visit my website for more designs Queenocrete

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's Make a Cement Mushroom

A fun way to add homemade garden art
to your yard. It's very easy and you will
be able to enjoy them for many years.
Cement will last a lifetime in the elements.

This is really easy and fun! I tucked a paper cup in the bottom
to leave a recessed area for the stem. I use a fast setting product
and insert the cup after about 20 minutes. Be sure to put some
release on the outside of the cup so it will come out. You will not
need to let it cure fully.....just enough so it holds the shape then
remove the cup and let it finish setting up.

This gives you a nice hole for the stem
to fit into.

2 Piece stem will be bonded together after curing.
Notice I have them propped up in bowls so they
cast evenly.

The stems were bonded together with wet cement.
A little color and sealer and you are ready to tuck your
mushroom in some ground cover or a potted plant.
They are like potato chips....You can't make just one.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fairy Land Expansion

I was feeling creative this morning before I left for an appointment with my dear friend Florence (Essence of the Past)

I have a fondness for designing in clay and my fairy doors needed something extra special to make them stand out. I worked up a few little fairy stepping stones and even a door mat. The door is my own design too! If you want to make your own fairy doors visit my website and check out my selection of molds that are super easy to use and aff

Fairy doors are hugely popular in Great Brittan.
They are magical little doors that can only be opened by your imagination.

The lore says if you place one (or more) in the garden the fairies will come. You will need to tip-toe lightly as they tend to hide under leaves and in shady places. Then you just sit back and enjoy the magic you created. How cool is that?

I became addicted to fairy doors back in 2005 when I saw my very first one. From that day on I started designing my own. They are everywhere in my garden and yard (among lots of other handmade things).

Last summer I gave one to a friend as a gift and her little granddaughter who was about 4 at the time saw it and knew it was a fairy door.

Remember: Fairies Rock!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Wishes of Love

Sometimes love is just a simple touch or a soft spoken word.
We find so many ways to express our love and on Valentines
Day. I hope you all reach out and open your heart.

Today I made heart soaps using Goats Milk. A very hydrating natural soap. Scented with essential oils of Frankincense & Myrrh.
As my Mom says, "If it's good enough for the baby Jesus it's good enough for me".

Have a wonderful day filled with love!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More than Molds, Cement & Paints....

Yes - I dabble a little in other creative ventures as well. I make 100% natural soaps for a couple local shops and yesterday I got to learn how to make aromatherapy bath salts. My friend Florence is an aromatherapists and her guidance was so valuable ~ not to mention we had a wonderful time! We even
had PB&J sandwiches....what a hoot. Wonderful that you can have a friend over and not feel like you need to serve her something special. Although she is very special in so many ways!

The soaps are the ones Florence made......very pretty I must admit. She has made cold press soap for years so I showed her the new style of melt and pour soaps. I do believe that she has a natural talent. We made three kinds of aromatherapy bath salts all of which are yummy. I used the Lavender a last night....oh-la-la!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Change is Good

We all need change and sometimes fight the unknown. Let's face it, we ARE creatures of habit! We become complaisant and begin to just roll with the flow. I am following my heart on this. The decision to leave eBay was the right decision for me.
The website is doing very well. I am thrilled! The positive comments continue to roll in via email.
Although it is not perfect - I think it is easy to navigate through and the site is cheerful and up-beat with lots of good information and more coming as time permits!
Check in often ~ things change daily!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year....New Queenocrete

How groovy is this? The blame goes to my dear friend Florence who said I need a blog. I realized I had one but had never posted on it.......

So - this is my very first blog post. Most people who visit this blog will be from my website
If you have not seen it.....check it out! It may start some creative juices flowing.

I am so excited about this huge change! For the past four years I have been selling my molds on eBay. I have made the big move to leaving eBay and going out on my own. It was a hard decision (sorta) as I have a great following over there, and have met some wonderful creative people. To all of you I owe a warm Thank You!

I think I will have time to be more creative and spend some time in my garden. The past year has been hard to meet the challenges required as a seller on eBay.

I hope to get some instructional video clips made to show casting techniques, easy painting, etc. Who knows.....I might even take time to relax this summer.

So this ends my first blog post. I will try to post again soon to let you know "What's the Queen up to?"

Until next time.....keep warm and take time to be creative.