Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fairy Land Expansion

I was feeling creative this morning before I left for an appointment with my dear friend Florence (Essence of the Past)

I have a fondness for designing in clay and my fairy doors needed something extra special to make them stand out. I worked up a few little fairy stepping stones and even a door mat. The door is my own design too! If you want to make your own fairy doors visit my website and check out my selection of molds that are super easy to use and aff

Fairy doors are hugely popular in Great Brittan.
They are magical little doors that can only be opened by your imagination.

The lore says if you place one (or more) in the garden the fairies will come. You will need to tip-toe lightly as they tend to hide under leaves and in shady places. Then you just sit back and enjoy the magic you created. How cool is that?

I became addicted to fairy doors back in 2005 when I saw my very first one. From that day on I started designing my own. They are everywhere in my garden and yard (among lots of other handmade things).

Last summer I gave one to a friend as a gift and her little granddaughter who was about 4 at the time saw it and knew it was a fairy door.

Remember: Fairies Rock!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Wishes of Love

Sometimes love is just a simple touch or a soft spoken word.
We find so many ways to express our love and on Valentines
Day. I hope you all reach out and open your heart.

Today I made heart soaps using Goats Milk. A very hydrating natural soap. Scented with essential oils of Frankincense & Myrrh.
As my Mom says, "If it's good enough for the baby Jesus it's good enough for me".

Have a wonderful day filled with love!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More than Molds, Cement & Paints....

Yes - I dabble a little in other creative ventures as well. I make 100% natural soaps for a couple local shops and yesterday I got to learn how to make aromatherapy bath salts. My friend Florence is an aromatherapists and her guidance was so valuable ~ not to mention we had a wonderful time! We even
had PB&J sandwiches....what a hoot. Wonderful that you can have a friend over and not feel like you need to serve her something special. Although she is very special in so many ways!

The soaps are the ones Florence made......very pretty I must admit. She has made cold press soap for years so I showed her the new style of melt and pour soaps. I do believe that she has a natural talent. We made three kinds of aromatherapy bath salts all of which are yummy. I used the Lavender a last night....oh-la-la!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Change is Good

We all need change and sometimes fight the unknown. Let's face it, we ARE creatures of habit! We become complaisant and begin to just roll with the flow. I am following my heart on this. The decision to leave eBay was the right decision for me.
The website is doing very well. I am thrilled! The positive comments continue to roll in via email.
Although it is not perfect - I think it is easy to navigate through and the site is cheerful and up-beat with lots of good information and more coming as time permits!
Check in often ~ things change daily!