Friday, May 29, 2009

Up-Date on Mom

The surgery went great and she is doing wonderful.
They were able to remove the lobe from the front so
her recovery is going to be much easier. woo-hoo!

She has accomplished all the requirements to be released
but she still has a drain tube attached to her so as soon as
that is taken out and her remaining lung stays inflated
she will be able to come home. She thought the tube would
be coming out today but no one ever came in and did it so
I am thinking tomorrow. I have a feeling she could be
coming home on Sunday.

Thank you again for all your well wishes and prayers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Outta Here Cancer!!

On May 26th my mom will be having surgery for her lung cancer.
They found the spot on her upper left lobe in January.
It took several
months of tests and biopsies to determine
if the cancer had spread
and if she would be strong enough
to live through the radical surgery
to remove that lobe.
She passed all her tests with flying colors.

She is really is good health (except for the cancer)
and has had no symptoms.
Then there was the issue of
her supplemental insurance they had from
my dad's retirement.
They would not cover the surgery so she had to

get a new insurance for her supplemental
(she is on medicare now).

That took almost as long as the medical
tests but she has new

insurance and is good to go.

I will be by her side along with my dad next
week at the hospital. We are
not sure how
long she will staying as they cannot tell us
which surgery
they are doing. The goal is
the small incision in the front but she is a small

woman and the space between the ribs may
not be big enough to pull the
deflated lung through.
They will start there and if it is too small they will

have to enter from the back and do a much larger
incision. We are all hoping
for the front option as
recovery is easier and quicker. After surgery she

will be cancer free. The oncologist does not think
she will require chemo
but we cannot know until
after pathology does their magic.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers these past few months.

I will post up-dates on my precious mom after her surgery.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My new eBay store

I couldn't resist the exposure that eBay offers.
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