Saturday, February 7, 2009

More than Molds, Cement & Paints....

Yes - I dabble a little in other creative ventures as well. I make 100% natural soaps for a couple local shops and yesterday I got to learn how to make aromatherapy bath salts. My friend Florence is an aromatherapists and her guidance was so valuable ~ not to mention we had a wonderful time! We even
had PB&J sandwiches....what a hoot. Wonderful that you can have a friend over and not feel like you need to serve her something special. Although she is very special in so many ways!

The soaps are the ones Florence made......very pretty I must admit. She has made cold press soap for years so I showed her the new style of melt and pour soaps. I do believe that she has a natural talent. We made three kinds of aromatherapy bath salts all of which are yummy. I used the Lavender a last night....oh-la-la!


Dixie said...

Afternoon Jan. Looks like fun, I too want to dabble in soap making next winter. I milk a jersey part of the year and want to try milk soaps. Maybe you might consider making some silicone soap molds. They seem to sell good online. Something to think about. Take care and have fun, Dixie. By the way your cupboards kind of resemble mine( a little cluttered).

Florence said...

Jan I had so much fun making soaps and salts, you have created a soap monster out of me. Florence