Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is in the air......

For us in north America the weather is finally shaping up for spring. The daffodils are
out and the birds are singing. This means most of you will be out in your gardens like
me getting everything ready, planting and cleaning up from all the winter grub that fell.

I have new planter boxes all built and filled with good soil that I will be filling up soon.
I have not decided what I want in these planter boxes so I am heading to the nursery
this week end to see what catches my eye. I prefer perennials as investment plants
but I don't want anything that will get too big. Something with pretty summer flowers
maybe? Got any suggestions?

I also have my eye on a decorative arched metal bridge for my garden but I am not sure
it would look right since I don't have any water features except my birdbath which really
doesn't count! (but the birds love it)

Here's a picture from last summer of my front yard.

I'll share more as soon as I get something done. Enjoy spring!



Florence said...

You have a magical place in that front yard.

Celticlass said...

Florence never told m how awesome your front yard looks. Hope I get to see it this year. I loved your fairy doors from some time ago! Erin