Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year....New Queenocrete

How groovy is this? The blame goes to my dear friend Florence who said I need a blog. I realized I had one but had never posted on it.......

So - this is my very first blog post. Most people who visit this blog will be from my website
If you have not seen it.....check it out! It may start some creative juices flowing.

I am so excited about this huge change! For the past four years I have been selling my molds on eBay. I have made the big move to leaving eBay and going out on my own. It was a hard decision (sorta) as I have a great following over there, and have met some wonderful creative people. To all of you I owe a warm Thank You!

I think I will have time to be more creative and spend some time in my garden. The past year has been hard to meet the challenges required as a seller on eBay.

I hope to get some instructional video clips made to show casting techniques, easy painting, etc. Who knows.....I might even take time to relax this summer.

So this ends my first blog post. I will try to post again soon to let you know "What's the Queen up to?"

Until next time.....keep warm and take time to be creative.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see your new web site and your first blog Queenocrete! You maintained a wonderful store on eBay and I know that your new website will be very sucessful!!!
Your molds are wonderful. I also like the new mold items that you are developing and am looking forward to being able to make my purchases from your website!
Many thanks from RLMarchick