Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's Make a Cement Mushroom

A fun way to add homemade garden art
to your yard. It's very easy and you will
be able to enjoy them for many years.
Cement will last a lifetime in the elements.

This is really easy and fun! I tucked a paper cup in the bottom
to leave a recessed area for the stem. I use a fast setting product
and insert the cup after about 20 minutes. Be sure to put some
release on the outside of the cup so it will come out. You will not
need to let it cure fully.....just enough so it holds the shape then
remove the cup and let it finish setting up.

This gives you a nice hole for the stem
to fit into.

2 Piece stem will be bonded together after curing.
Notice I have them propped up in bowls so they
cast evenly.

The stems were bonded together with wet cement.
A little color and sealer and you are ready to tuck your
mushroom in some ground cover or a potted plant.
They are like potato chips....You can't make just one.

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Florence said...

You are just too clever my friend and I can tell you are having fun too. Florence