Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Afternoon with Florence

Pretty display

Florence mixing.....

Easter Soaps

Jan and Odie

My buddy Florenc
e (Essence of the Past) came
over yesterday and we couldn't resist the urge
to make some soaps and bath fizzies. We had
seen where Kay (The Rustic Cottage) had made
some 3D type soaps and since my expertise is in
mold making I showed Florence the little bird
molds I was selling through my website. Well,
Florence had to have those molds so we made a
set. They came out quite nice if I say so myself.

As for our bath fizzies....well those were not
as successful. Apparently you aren't suppose to
make those in high humidity. And it was raining
here in the pacific northwest. We had a great
rhythm going and making mess so you can imagine
the fun, giggles and oohs and awes . We turned
over the molds and they gently fell out. Beautiful!
We were so proud of ourselves that we decided to
whip up another batch. Batch number two is now
in the molds and we look over at batch number one
and are horrified!!! They had grown warts! It was
so sad and disappointing. But they still smelled
wonderful and will be fine for our personal use.

I will share a couple pictures of yesterday LESS the
fizzies of course. We were on an Easter Theme so
we made pretty eggs and the wittle bird & duck.

Florence got a cute photo of me with my old dog Odie
that I have to share as he is such a gentle soul and has
been through so many health issues last year.

Until next time.......

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Florence said...

I had so much fun and I love coming to see Odie and Eli. They are just gentle souls.