Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old Friends get to meet up once again

This is one of my oldest friends Shawna. We met in junior high and have
kept in contact since those early days. Many many years went by without
getting to see each other. I move away and she stayed in the same town in
southern California. We always stayed in contact via snail mail and about ten
years ago we connected again through email. I went to California in 2001
and got to see her and meet her children....all five of them! She has a beautiful
family and a wonderful husband Joe. You wanna talk busy! I don't know how
she does everything she does. She is a special education teacher and heading
back to school to become a school principle. Way to go girl!

She was in the area over spring break visiting her granny and we
got to all go out for a nice dinner. Even though it was a short visit
it is one that I will cherish for ever. Life long friends truly are a gift.

I sure hope three years don't go by again before we get a chance
to see each other again, but if it that long we will just pick up where we left off.
Hugs to Shawna & Joe. XOXOXO

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Florence said...

It always seems like those true friends are always to catch right back up and you always cherish them forever, they are truly a gift.